Buying Houseplants From An Online Nursery

Flowers and leafy plants can be great both indoors and outdoors. One of the reasons why you should think about house plants is their pleasant fragrance. There are many scented selections that will provide sweet fragrances and beautiful foliage in your home. If you live in an area where the climate is too cold, growing your plants indoors is more appropriate solution. During holidays, you can plant amaryllis plants. These come in different colors like pink and different hues of pink. You can also find striped varieties. Online nurseries are usually very well stocked. There are also newer varieties of orchids that are very easier to grow and which come in many beautiful colors. Other plants you might keep in mind for your house plants are the following:

Asparagus fern

The asparagus fern can grow to a height of one to three feet. It belongs to the lily family; its needle-like foliage is what makes it resemble a fern. The most attractive element about it is the stems that shoot outward and upward. This look makes it an ideal choice for hanging baskets. It requires light, and the soil requires to be kept evenly moist for proper growth. Make sure that you place it at a height that is away from the reaches of children and pets.

Croton (CodiaeumVariegatumPictum)

This is a house plant that can grow to about eight feet tall. It is a colorful shrub that has leaves of a leathery texture. These leaves appear brighter in bright light. The leaves can grow to be smaller in low conditions. Croton should be cultivated in temperatures between 60 to 85 degrees F. Humidity should be kept at a high level. It is important to allow the surface of the soil dry out before watering the plant again.


Ficus plants can be woody, large trees, or trailing vines. They grow the best in medium to bright light, although you will find a few that can withstand low light. It is an ideal house plant because it grows well at room temperature. Like the croton, you should let the soil surface dry before give it water again. Ficus plants are also known as rubber plants because of the white latex-like sap that they produce. In other regions, they are also referred to as figs.

English ivy or Hedera helix

The English ivy can grow from six inches to about three feet depending on the surrounding conditions. This plant has beautiful foliage that grow well in a hanging basket. It can also be used as ground cover beneath houseplants. The foliage can be trained into taking various shapes. The ideal growing temperature is between 55 to 70 degrees. The soil should be kept evenly moist to discourage mites from spreading.

Jewel orchid, Ludisa discolor

The jewel orchid grows under six inches. It is mainly grown for its beautiful leaves, making this a great houseplant. Its leaves are deep maroon with contrasting strips in white or red. During winter or up to early spring, it displays spikes of beautiful white flowers. It is very popular because it is one of the easiest orchids for anyone to grow.

The list of house plants does not have be limited to the above. You can find plenty of other plant varieties if you visit Nursery Online in Sydney.